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Best Vacuum Cleaners of 2014-2015


A lot of people have wood floors or some other hard surface flooring in their homes, but most people have at least some carpeting. Keeping your carpets clean are important not only for the sanitation in your home but also to keep the residents healthy. 




Carpets notoriously are traps for all types of allergens if you have pets in your home you know what kind of challenge pet hair poses. The right vacuum cleaner can keep your home clean and allergy free. The bet vacuum cleaners of 2014-2015 are priced right and offer the latest technology. 


Finding the Best Vacuums of 2014-2015


There are a host of vacuum cleaners to choose from. There are inexpensive vacuum cleaners, mid-range vacuum cleaners and high priced vacuum cleaners. In each group there is a best of, finding one that will fit your budget and your lifestyle. 


There are some things you need to consider before you run out and buy a new vacuum. 


Vacuums for Pet Hair


If you have pets you have special needs, you have to be able to address the dreaded pet hair problem. Most vacuums are engineered to have specialty tools too remove pet hair. A vacuum that is specially designed to clean up pet hair can be the ideal tool for keeping your home pet hair free! 


Pet dander is another story. Pets shed not only hair but they also shed their skin every day. Many people are allergic to not only pet hair but also the pet dander that causes allergies as well.


A powerful vacuum will clean up not only hair but will also clean up dander. One of the best vacuum cleaners of 2014-2015 is made by Dyson. Dyson has engineered a vacuum that never loses suction according to the advertising. According to consumer reports the Dyson Cyclone gets a five start rating. 


Dyson is an expensive brand that you can expect to pay right around $600 for. If you have pets and people that are allergic to them the Dyson Cyclone can keep everyone living peacefully! 




Vacuums for Stairs


Two story homes with carpeting prove to be a special problem for vacuums. Going up and down the stairs with a vacuum cleaner can be a real hassle. One of the best vacuum cleaners is the Eureka Pet Vac. This vacuum is great for people that have steps and pets. The vacuum is light weight enough to make it up the steps and has a break away hand held vacuum that can be broken away from the main machine to use on the steps. 


The best vacuums of 2014-2015 run the gamut of costs and attachments! The best vacuums can make life super easy and keep your home immaculate.